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'Its Another World Record — Album Cover Art.
From the studio of The World Record Club, 1958–1976' is
a new book from Geoff Hocking.

Published by New Chum Press, this 320 page book, released in March 2009, celebrates the excellence in the design of album covers that came from the Melbourne-based studio in the late fifties and the sixties.

Available from the author/publisher at <casbooks@bigpond.com>
RRP $79.95 plus $10 postage to anywhere in Australia
Books designed and/or illustrated by Geoff Hocking:
Australians at War,
Tony MacDougall, The Five Mile Press
Australian Folklore,
Tony MacDougall, The Five Mile Press
A Pictorial History of Australia,
Tony MacDougall, The Five Mile Press
Diffo The Dynamo,
Dustings Disasters, author
Seaside Maths, author
The Big Ox, author

Geoff Hocking is an Australian author/designer/illustrator who has written, illustrated or designed more than 30 books for both and adult and children's readership.

He has written extensively on Australian themes: from bushrangers to Catholic rebels, gold-diggers to the story of the Australian flag.

Geoff's books are always lavishly illustrated with hundreds of old engravings, paintings, artworks and ephemera and have become definitive collections of visual representations of his themes. Easy to read with a fast-moving, often rollicking narrative, these books have been described as 'Australian history that is a joy to read'.

Selected bibliography, books available from the author:

It's Another World Record Album Cover Art from the studio of The World Record Club 1958-76, New Chum Press, 2009
Castlemaine, From Camp to City (Second Edition),
New Chum Press, published 2008
The Rebel Chorus Dissident Voices in Australian History,
Five Mile Press, published 2007
One Million Human Beings, One Million Bombs
Five Mile Press, published 2007
Gold! A Pictorial History of the Australian Gold Rush
Five Mile Press, published 2006
Signs of the Times A Nostalgic Celebration of Australian Advertising Signs, Five Mile Press, published 2005
Eureka Stockade A pictorial history of the events that led
to the attack on the stockade on 3rd December 1854,
Five MIle Press, published 2004
Bail Up! A pictorial history of Australias Most Notorious Bushrangers, Five Mile Press, published 2002
The Australian Flag. The first 100 years
Five Mile Press, published 2002
The Red Ribbon Rebellion. A Decade of Dissent
New Chum Press, published 2001
Early Castlemaine New Chum Press, published 1998
Saturday Street Penguin Books,with Jill Morris

Unavailable from the author, some books now out of print:

• Mr Burke & Mr Wills, Waverton Press, published 2005
• The Rush to Gold, Waverton Press, published 2005
• They Came by Sea, Waverton Press,published 2005
• The Eureka Stockade, Waverton Press, published 2005
• Currency, Lads & Lasses, The Faces on Australian Banknotes, Lothian Books, published 2004
• The Kelly Gang, Harcourt Education, published 2004
• Kings of the Road, Harcourt Education, published 2004
• Bound for Botany Bay, Harcourt Education, published 2004
• Robbery Under Arms, Harcourt Education, published 2004
• To The Diggings, Lothian Books, published 2001
• Wonderful Swaps, Annick Press Canada, 1998, with Troon Harrison
• Castlemaine From Camp To City, The Five Mile Press,
published 1994
• (We'll All Be Rooned) Said Hanrahan, Five Mile Press
• It's One World, Five Mile Press
• I Shot an Arrow, Penguin Books, with Robin Klein
•The Boy Who Painted The Sun, Penguin Books, with Jill Morris







Books designed by Geoff Hocking
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