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One Million Human Beings. One Million Bombs.

Visualising Human Tragedy

128 pp, full-colour throughout, hardback [The Five Mile Press 2007]

"What started as a response to the number of soldiers being killed in Iraq grew into this, a disturbing set of photographs and statistics, using tiny stickman symbols to represent the estimated 140 million deaths that have occurred in conflict over the past century. Slightly wierd, but utterly harrowing" – Wil Anderson, Sunday Magazine

"… this book. One Million Human Beings … is one book that people should be looking at" – Deborah Cameron, Sydney Morning Herald, 8 Nov. 2007

"… unlike anything I have ever seen … [this] book literally takes your breath away" – Jon Faine, ABC, The Conversation Hour, 23 October 2007

link to Sydney Morning Herald review, 8 November 2007

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