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A Pictorial History
The Eureka Stockade

The events leading to the attack in the pre-dawn of 3 December 1854

208 pages, full-colour throughout, paperback

The surprisingly short but bloody battle at the gravel pits on the Eureka diggings, which began in the pre-dawn on the Sunday morning of 3 December 1854, was a dramatic conclusion to months of heated agitation on the Ballarat diggings.

This extensively illustrated book charts the progress of the agitation on the Victorian goldfields from the Great Meeting of Diggers at Forest Creek in December 1851, through the Red Ribbon Rebellion in Bendigo in August 1853 to the end-game at the Eureka Stockade.

Although short-lived, the rebellion gave birth to the desire for true democracy in the nascent Australian nation.

Lavishly illustrated throughout with hundreds of engravings, paintings, posters, photographs and items of ephemera, this book makes history a joy to read.

Back to list Published 2004 by Five Mile Press RRP $29.95