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Bail Up!

A Pictorial History of Australia's Most Notorious Bushrangers

190 pp, full-colour throughout, paperback [The Five Mile Press 2002]

Author Geoff Hocking examines the deeds of the desperate, the dispossessd and the downright dastardly within the context of Australian republican aspirations, reconciliation and the changed attitudes to political freedoms in Great Britain and its territories.

'Bail Up' takes the reader on a journey from the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788, to the tormented years of Port Arthur and Norfolk Island, the goldfields of the 1850s and on to the saga of the last of the defiant Irishmen –'Ned' Kelly' – who was hanged in 1880.

With more than 200 photographs, engravings and items of ephemera, 'Bail Up!' offers a fresh look at the bushranging period
of australia's colonial past.

Includes a complete transcript of Ned Kelly's Jerilderie Letter.

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